Mud Management Part Two – Successfully managing problematic skin

Sometimes, despite all your best efforts you will discover sores and scabs on your horse’s skin.  If they are turned out and the skin comes soggy and waterlogged, the natural defences will eventually become compromised. In this scenario it only takes a small cut or graze which breaks the skin, allowing the bacteria in the mud to seize the opportunity to act.

When the weather becomes colder and frostier this increases the potential for problems, as the already soggy skin can become chapped and sore, often opening up in small cracks which again allow the bacteria present in the soil to take advantage.

Muddy Buddy has effective products to help in this scenario too – we have your back

When you first discover the problem you then have to decide whether to keep the horse turned out and manage the situation or to bring the horse in; either to a stable or a dry area, off the mud.  Some owners/liveries may not have a choice so careful management is essential.

What to do first

If possible, you should clean up the affected area using the Muddy Buddy Scrub as instructed on the label, ensuring you can dry the area.  You don’t need to wash the whole leg, just the affected area and that immediately around it.

The Muddy Products for us in this stage of management are Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Powder & Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Cream. Both utilise the natural antibacterial powers of pure Silver, combined with ‘Chitosan’- a natural compound proven in the quick and effective management of minor wounds and burns.

Powder or Cream?


Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Powder is your ‘go-to’ when the skin is quite sore and tender and the horse resents the area being touched.  It is important to note here that if the problem has penetrated through the top layers of the skin and is hot or infected, you will need to consult with your Vet for systemic veterinary treatment. This powder is formulated to be applied using the ‘puffer’ bottle directly onto the area, removing the need to physically touch the skin.  This makes it more comfortable for the horse and ultimately safer for the owner.  The horse needs to be removed from the muddy conditions in this scenario until improvement is seen.

Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Cream is a low viscosity cream which is gentle to apply when the area is not too sensitive to be touched. Thicker ointments can require pressure to apply/stick to the skin, which can aggravate and upset the horse. This cream can be used either in the first instance if the area isn’t too sensitive, or following application of the Muddy Buddy Mud Kure Powder initially. It soothes the area and is quickly absorbed, softening small scabs encouraging to lift away from the skin.

These 2 products both work quickly and effectively   If you wish to turn out we would recommend using the Muddy Buddy Ointment or Powder over the top to provide waterproof/barrier protection.

Management routines are individual and what works for someone on your yard may not work for you and your horse – think of it as a jigsaw puzzle – you may have to try the pieces in different combinations to make it complete. However, with Muddy Buddy you have a comprehensive and more importantly, an effective management system which you can work to suit you both.

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