Hy Equestrian Armoured Protect Full Mask with Ears and Nose

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• Lightweight mesh material with bamboo lining
• Features strong darts that offer good clearance on the eyes
• Luxurious faux fur panels on the browband area
• Soft fleece edging
• Double sided touch tape fastenings
• Offers UV protection
• Perfect for those horses that get annoyed with flies


A fly Mask that offers the ultimate protection from those annoying flying insects, covering the ears, eyes, face and nose. Made from lightweight mesh material with bamboo lining. Featuring strong darts that offer good clearance off the eyes, a luxurious faux fur panel on the browband area and soft fleece edging, this fly mask wont rub the face and will be comfortable to wear all day long. The doubled sided touch tape fastenings mean that it’s easy to put on and take off yet it will stay securely in place during turnout. The mesh panels covering the eyes and nose area protect from UV rays, making it ideal for horses with sensitive pink skin who are more susceptible to sunburn.